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It’s that Guy/Girl from that Thing!

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If you watch enough television, you’re bound to recognize certain actors because they seem to be in everything you watch. If you watch too much television, this is bound to happen with many, many actors. While I originally had a hard time thinking of actors that seemed to appear in an almost impossible number of series I’ve watched, it became much easier after I started browsing around IMDB. My list quickly surpassed 10 actors and I was forced to cut it down. However, between these 10 actors, they’ve been in nearly everything and, chances are, you’ll recognize each one from that thing.


Sinqua Walls Sinqua Walls

You’ll recognize him from: Teen Wolf, Necessary Roughness, Once Upon A Time, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Blue Mountain State, or Friday Night Lights.

Most remembered for: Teen Wolf, at least for me. Although Walls was only on Teen Wolf for two seasons (technically a season and a half), his character, Boyd, quickly became one of my favorites. That is, until his untimely—and particularly tragic—death saw his exit from the show.


Katie Cassidy Damaged

You’ll recognize her from: Arrow, Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, Harper’s Island, Supernatural, or 7th Heaven.

Most remembered for: Supernatural. Although Cassidy has done very well for herself, landing multiple lead actress roles on TV series, I still wish her character hadn’t been killed off of Supernatural. For myself, and many others, Supernatural was when many fans fell in love with Cassidy.


Christopher Gorham christopher gorham

You’ll recognize him from: Once Upon A Time, Covert Affairs, Ugly Betty, Harper’s Island, Felicity, or Popular.

Most remembered for: Harper’s Island is a mini-series about a crazed killer terrorizing a wedding party on a small island off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. Though I watched the series years ago while it was on Netflix, Gorham’s performance still haunts me to this day. His other roles may be more popular, but Harper’s Island sticks out the most for me.



Shiri Appleby life-unexpected-shiri-appleby

You’ll recognize her from: Girls, Chicago Fire, Dating Rules from My Future Self, Life Unexpected, ER, or Roswell.

Most remembered for: Roswell, of course. Though it only lasted three seasons, Roswell launched the careers of Katherine Heigl, Colin Hanks, and Emilie de Ravin. Appleby has never landed for too long on a single show, but she’s returning to television this year on Lifetime’s Un-Real.



Matt Barr matt barr

You’ll recognize him from: Hatfields & McCoys, Hellcats, Harper’s Island, or One Tree Hill.

Most remembered for: One Tree Hill. Though he wasn’t on One Tree Hill for very long, Barr played Ian Banks, a crazy stalker who posed as Petyon’s brother to get close to her. The episode in which Ian/Derek goes crazy and tries to kill Peyton and Brooke on Prom Night is classic teen melodrama—and it’s fantastic. However, it’s hard for me to see Barr as anything else, despite how many times he’s played likable characters.


Aisha Tyler Aisha Tyler

You’ll recognize her from: Archer, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Glee, Ghost Whisperer, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, 24, or Friends.

Most remembered for: Archer. Although Tyler guest stars on television shows and does the occasional movie, she’s most well known for her voice work as Lana Kane on Archer. She invokes the right amount of character into Lana to make her one of the best aspects of the show. (If you don’t love Lana, I don’t know what to say to you.)


Britt Robertson Britt-Robertson-disney-cast

You’ll recognize her from: Under the Dome, The Secret Circle, Life Unexpected, or Swingtown.

Most remembered for: Life Unexpected. Before 2010, when Life Unexpected premiered, I had never heard of Robertson. Then, all of a sudden, she was everywhere. When Life Unexpected was cancelled, Robertson jumped to the new show, The Secret Circle. All the while, she was popping up in movies as well. Though she had plenty of smaller roles before Life Unexpected, the show was her breakout.



Michael Mosley michael mosley

You’ll recognize him from: Sirens (U.S.), Longmire, Last Resort, Pan Am, Justified, Scrubs, or Kidnapped.

Most remembered for: Scrubs. Mosley joined the beloved hospital dramedy for its final season; he played one of the medical students under the tutelage of J.D. However, Mosley has starred or guest-starred on almost every show on television—even Law & Order: SVU—so you’re bound to recognize him from something, even if you don’t know his character’s name.



Robert Knepper robert_knepper_

You’ll recognize him from: Arrow, Mob City, Cult, SGU Stargate Universe, Heroes, Prison Break, or Carnivàle.

Most remembered for: Heroes. Knepper is the type of actor who guest stars on television series as the villain so often, it’s hard to believe he’s a good guy, though I’m hard pressed to think of the last time I actually saw him play a good guy.



Mark Pellegrino mark_pellegrino_lucifer

You’ll recognize him from: The Tomorrow People, Being Human (U.S.), Revolution, Supernatural, Lost, Dexter, or NYPD Blue.

Most remembered for: Supernatural (I still have to finish watching Lost). If you need someone to star as a multidimensional villain, you call up Pellegrino. He’s another actor on this list that seems to only play villains—though sometimes they have a heart of gold. But it’s great because he’s one of my favorite actors and if he guest-starred in every show I watch, I wouldn’t complain.

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  1. The only one I don’t recognize on this list is Mosley.

    Also, I’d disagree that Aisha Tyler is remembered for Archer. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen the series, but it would have to be Ghost Whisperer or Friends for me.

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