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From Must See to Must Not Watch!

As I was watching a recent Vampire Diaries episode, I realised how disappointed I was in how season five was shaping up. It got me thinking about what other series started out so promising and then ended up badly. I’ve compiled a list of the five shows which have let me down as well as three shows that are in danger of becoming lousy. I have also chosen a show that I think is most improved and also one that is a toss-up among many people.


Once Upon A Time

once upon a time

I was interested in watching OUAT because it had the same writers and producers of Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I wasn’t blown away by the pilot but once I saw the clock in Storybrooke hit 8:15 referencing the doomed Oceanic flight in Lost, I was in. I loved seeing new stories and personas of fairy tale characters that I loved as a child. Sure, the CGI was a little sketchy and Henry was annoying, but I watched diligently every Sunday. Season two had a lot to live up to and well, it fell flat once everyone knew who they were but I was still loyal to the show. Enter season three. I never really liked Peter Pan and really didn’t like it when we had to spend a whole half season in Neverland. I liked the take on Peter Pan but I lost interest. I stopped watching right before the winter finale. That’s how I knew that I had given up on Once Upon A Time. If I wasn’t bothered in watching the winter finale, then why watch? Seeing the commercials now with the Wicked Witch, I am so glad I stopped.


The Office

the office

My husband does not like it that I am putting The Office on my list, but it really went down in quality once Steve Carell left. That being said, I did enjoy most of the final season and really liked the finale. Michael Scott’s last episode was terrific and really, the season (perhaps series) should have ended there. The search for the new boss was annoying and I hated Robert California.  I also didn’t like how in the last couple of seasons, Andy went from being a lovable loser to a pretty big jerk. It was interesting to see the camera guys in season nine but hated that problems were created between Pam and Jim. Some of the episodes were kind of downers and I don’t want that in a show that is supposed to make me laugh.


True Blood

true blood

My main problem with True Blood is that there are just too many supernatural beings. Season one pretty much took the same path as Charlaine Harris’ first Sookie Stackhouse book but continued to incorporate several things from Harris’ books like fairies, witches, wolves, etc. I hate the fairy storylines as well as the wolves. I still love some characters on the show like Jason, Andy, Jessica, Pam, and Erik. I think that there are still good episodes of True Blood but many episodes feel disjointed and choppy because they have so many characters. I am still watching True Blood and I will watch the final season. I hope it finishes as well as it began.




I was actually still watching Glee this season mainly because I wanted to see how they handled Finn’s death. I still watched until about Christmas and then decided to quit Glee. When watching a TV show becomes a chore, then it’s time to stop. A show that was once sassy and quirky was now difficult to sit through because the stories were disjointed and unbelievable. The musical numbers bored me and I had to sit with characters I could care less about. I’ve heard good things about Glee now that McKinley High is no longer featured on the show, but I just don’t think I can give Glee another chance. I feel like they’ve had so many already.



Gossip Girl

gossip girl

I loved Gossip Girl for a long time because it had hot people, scandalous storylines, gorgeous clothes, and sharp, biting dialogue. Then the storylines that were once sensational became ridiculous and not in a good way. Blair becoming a princess was beyond absurd and how many times could the same storylines be repeated? I stopped watching the final season but checked in for the series finale. Dan was Gossip Girl all along? UGH.




Series in Danger




Season Three was Homeland’s weakest yet although it featured the death of one of its main characters, Nicholas Brody. The most exciting episodes were those with Brody in them, so I am not sure how season four of Homeland will succeed without him. Perhaps with a new locale (Turkey) and Carrie heading up her self-picked team (please let Quinn be with her) we can get back to the excitement and thrills that the first couple of seasons offered us. Plus, I’m excited to see Carrie as a mother. I am still invested in the characters and therefore I will watch season four but if it doesn’t deliver then I am afraid that I will have to say goodbye.


Modern Family

modern family

I haven’t given up on Modern Family just yet and I think that’s because it’s in syndication and the old episodes are just so good. So when new episodes of Modern Family are on, I watch out of familiarity and nostalgia for a show that was once fresh and funny. It’s been rough with Luke and Manny in high school. It is not their faults that they’ve grown up but their storylines are just not nearly as funny. Cam and Mitchell’s relationship is questionable because all they ever seem to do is bicker and then apologise. Come on guys, you’ve been together for over ten years. Surely you have a grasp on each other’s personalities. I’ve enjoyed the past couple of episodes, so perhaps Modern Family is on the upswing. I hope so or else I’m going to have to find a new family to watch.


The Vampire Diaries

vampire diaries

I tried watching The Vampire Diaries when it premiered in 2009 but I could not get into it because I was such a fan of the books and the show was quite different. In 2011 when I was home sick for a week, I binge watched three seasons of The Vampire Diaries and have been hooked ever since. Although the scene where Elena died and became a vampire was hauntingly beautiful, the show started to take a tumble once she became a vampire. It was a risky choice and it didn’t totally pay off. Elena has been nothing but a pain since she became immortal. Season Five started out so promising but then quickly became boring and introduced characters I didn’t care about. I am still watching because I love Caroline, Damon, and Stefan. We’ll see how deep my love goes.


Most Improved


Parks and Recreation

parks and recs

I had to be convinced to watch season two of Parks and Rec because I was so dissatisfied with the first season. I didn’t like Mark Brendanawicz, the likeness of Michael Scott in Leslie Knope, and I thought Andy was a jerk. Thankfully, some things were tweaked and Parks and Rec became a fantastic, funny, touching show. I have talked about my love of Parks and Rec before (specifically Ben and Leslie) but I am so happy that the show came into its own and didn’t try to be a carbon copy of the Office. Since the departure of Anne and Chris, the episodes following have not been stellar. However, Parks and Rec still has one of the best casts around so I am sure they will find their footing once again.




When controversial TV finales are brought up, Lost is always at the top of the list. Fans were frustrated by the ending and thought they deserved more. I personally liked the Lost finale. It wasn’t quite what I hoped or expected, but I am okay with it. I concede that the first three seasons of Lost were way better than the last four. However, Lost is still one of my favourite series ever. Smoke monsters, Others, flash forwards, Jacob—I love it all.




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  1. Great list except for The Office. I thoroughly enjoyed that one. The one I would add, though an oldie, is Desperate Housewives. It was an amazingly funny, yet intriguing should should we for a while. Then, along came TorMadison Destroyer…

  2. Thanks for the spoilers, btw!
    You have probably missed some of the best episodes because you couldn’t be bothered to sit through a few episodes. Very fickle!

    And DH defintely got worse past a few seasons. If you could sit through those and not some of these other shows, there is something wrong.

  3. Think you should give OUAT another chance. Agree the Neverland story was pants but it’s really found its footing again with the Wicked Witch arc

    • I disagree. This last episode, I barely paid any attention, it’s just becoming so tired. They didn’t handle killing Neal off well at all, and now they’re ruined Hook by turning him back into a selfish pirate. I’m giving it until maybe the end of the season, then I’m done. The wicked witch stuff sound so great, but has barely lived up to its potential.

      Also, I disagree that The Vampire Diaries is only in the danger zone. I gave up on it one or two episodes ago, and I’ve been watching since the series began. This season has been terrible.

      • I feel like I should give up on The Vampire Diaries but I am willing to give Markos the new big bad a chance. I’ve watched all season so I may as well watch the last 5 episodes.

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