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TVFR’s TV Power Rankings – April 7th 2014


The one question I get asked every single day: “Stewart, what TV shows should I be watching?”, and I’ll be honest it changes from week to week and I feel bad when I recommend a show that happens to have a dud episode that week or whatever. So we had this crazy idea over at TVFR Towers; what if every week we ranked our top 20 best shows? That way we can keep everyone up to date on what new shows are worth picking up, how consistent the big names are and most importantly how they all stack up against each other. Hell it works for sports, why can’t it work for us?!

So through a complicated series of votes and calculations, we’ve finally come up with our list for this week, valid from March 26th (to include some recently finished series) up to April 7th when we finalised our votes. There are a couple of exceptions such as Netflix originals, so they can stay in as if there was a new episode every week until it’s over (i.e. Orange is the New Black has 13 episodes so has 13 weeks in the charts).

Are you ready? You’re sure…? OK, let’s kick off with…:


20 – House Of Lies (Showtime (US)/Sky Atlantic (UK))

Showtime’s dark dram-edy about management consultants dived head first into it’s 3rd season at the start of this year giving protagonist Marty Kaan a fresh start away from Galweather & Stearn as he started up his own firm but with his ‘pod’ split up and spread apart. Of course things work out between them in the end but that’s only the start of the drama as the team get into bed with gangsters, junkies, each other and, as we’ve seen in the last couple of episodes, the law. House Of Lies has given us a solid 3rd year in business and is maybe even a little under rated at #20 on our list, expect it to jump up as we near the season finale.



19 – Vikings (History Channel (US)/Amazon Prime (UK))

An underdog with a bit of attitude and a favourite of some of our editors comes in at #19 in our power rankings in the form of History Channel’s Vikings. Don’t be fooled by it’s home network, this isn’t a documentary or anything super educational (although some people might learn something from it…nothing good, but still…), instead Vikings offers up some gritty Nordic drama and action in a Game Of Thrones ‘lite’ style. Currently around the halfway point of it’s second season and proving popular among those who have found it, Vikings has plenty of time to shoot up the rankings over the next couple of weeks.



18 – Nashville (ABC (US)/Channel 4 (UK))

Just when Glee’s star of musical drama TV series started to fall, ABC’s Nashville jumped right in there to replace it in the hearts of distraught fans. Now nearing the end of it’s second year Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere and co. seem to be going from strengh to strength, having established the show as one of the most consistent drama series on air. Now taking a very lopsided midseason break before the final three episodes, Nashville beat out some fierce competition to make it as our 17th best show to be watching right now. Fair enough it finished up a fortnight ago now but we thought we’d be lenient and give it a shoutout anyway.



17 – Broad City (Comedy Central (US))

Webseries-turned-sitcom about two girls living in New York City produced by SNL and Parks & Rec alumnus Amy Poehler had some great critical success in it’s debut season this year…well for the most part. For those of you who haven’t seen it and are missing your fix of HBO’s Girls, Broad City could be worth going back to catch.



16 – The Good Wife (CBS (US)/Channel 4 (UK))

Currently in its fifth season, The Good Wife has been going from strength to strength this year, and has really shaken things up. One recent episode with a spoilerific plot is a prime example. The acting from all those involved was superb, while the outcry from fans was huge, and with the many excellent guest stars from Chris Noth to Nathan Lane regularly featuring the show, The Good Wife more than deserves to be on our list.


15 – Arrow (The CW (US)/Sky 1(UK))

The CW’s follow up to the incredibly successful DC superhero series Smallville, this time revolving around Oliver Queen a.k.a The Green Arrow has been a smash hit since it debuted last year. Now midway through it’s second season and it still seems to be giving the people what they want, so how could we do anything other than recommend it? It may feel a little bit too ‘teen-drama-y’ for some, but lets be honest, we all need a little bit of that in our lives. Based on this season so far and the last few episodes, Arrow reaches up to #15 on our power rankings, can it continue to climb next week?



14 – Suits (USA (US)/Dave (UK))

What a season it’s been so far for the USA Network’s 3rd year lawyer drama, a real roller coaster of emotions going on for fans who have been there from the start and a whirlwind of intrigue for those just starting their journey into the lives of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. Is Harvey starting to soften up? Is Mike about to be caught? Will Louis ever be an outright good guy? These are the questions that the last few episodes have asked us and the suspense of waiting for the answers is what has propelled the show up to the #14 spot for this week. Expect even higher placement as we’re dragged kicking and screaming toward a seemingly inevitable conclusion and the season finale…



13 – Community (NBC (US)/Sony (UK))

It seems like Dan Harmon’s return has propelled Community back to it’s best, although we’ve lost a few big names along the way. Despite the departure of Donald Glover a few weeks ago, the show is still going strong in it’s fifth year and continues to deliver the same crazy shenanigans every week, including an awesome GI Joe cartoon-based episode last week (clearly they’ve been listening to our TVFR Podcast!)



12 – The Blacklist (NBC (US)/Sky Living (UK)

What is the reason for The Blacklist being so high on our list?  Well, none other than James Spader who clearly relishes his role as Raymond “Red” Reddington, one of the FBI’s most wanted men who is now helping them find and capture other criminals.  Even if you aren’t a fan of procedurals, there is another of an on-going storyline arc regarding FBI agent Elizabeth Keen and her husband, that it keeps you hooked week in, week out.  And with that storyline hotting up, we expect the show to rise in our rankings over the coming weeks.


Episode 302

11 – Shameless US (Showtime (US)/More 4 (UK))

Last weeks season 4 finale was apparently enough to convince our editors to rate the US version of Shameless as the 11th best show you should be watching right now, and network Showtime to renew it for a fifth season. Whether you’re a converted fan of the UK original or a loyalist to the US remake, you probably agree that everyone should at least give Shameless a try.



10 – Justified (FX (US)/Netflix (UK) *Seasons 1-3 only*)

Sadly we were just a bit too early to rate Justified on it’s season finale which aired last night, so last weeks episode was only enough to take the show up to 1oth place in the TVFR Power Rankings. However, that means that next week we can hopefully look forward to a higher place for one of my favourite shows on TV right now. Possibly the series’ strongest season yet and it’s gotten better every week, if you’re not hooked already you absolutely should be. After the recently finished True Detective, Justified is easily the most impressive crime drama on TV.



9 – Orange Is The New Black (Netflix (US/UK)

One of the critically acclaimed Netflix Orignal family, prison dramedy Orange Is The New Black actually aired way back last year but if you haven’t caught it already this is definitely one to watch. The second series is actually due out pretty soon so you could be seeing this in our top 20 for quite some time, and since it cracked our top 10 it’s obviously justified…



8 – House Of Cards (Netflix (US/UK)

Another Netflix Original in the top half of the chart? Wow those guys know how to do it! House of Cards is on to it’s second season and the political drama seems to have the world gripped, including most of our writers and editors. It’s gripping and clever and incredibly well done, but is it worth the cost of Netflix? It’s not for everybody, but we love it, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.



7 – The Goldbergs (ABC (US))

What’s not to love about The Goldbergs?  Every single family member is comedy gold, from mother Beverley’s controlling to Adam’s geekiness to Barry’s….Barryness, the comedy continues to go from strength to strength.  Not only that, but it provides some great 80s nostalgia (the recent The Goonies episode is a prime example) and has a killer soundtrack (if none of the 80s music has you singing along, you are dead inside), we are more than happy to remain an honourary member of The Goldbergs family for the foreseeable future.


639x360_1349830013_modern family1

6 – Modern Family (ABC (US)/Sky 1 (UK))

In my experience Modern Family is the definitive family sitcom, the only one that nobody can dislike. Sure it’s very broad comedy but it’s done to the highest degree, usually very well written and doesn’t need a laugh track to tell you when it’s funny (thank god!). It’s crazy to think it’s in it’s fifth season with over a hundred episodes already, but I guess that just proves how successful it’s become.



5 – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX (US)/E4 (UK))

For whatever reason I took ages to give Fox’s 1st year cop comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine a watch, but I’ve been hooked ever since. The folks at the fictional ninety-ninth precinct are some of the best comedic cast on air right now and the procedural element that accompanies so many police-centric shows works so well in the sitcom genre. It finished up a few weeks ago in the States but is still airing in the UK, if you missed it make sure you catch up asap, it’s worth every minute.



4 – Trophy Wife (ABC (US))

Another family-centric ABC comedy that has delivered the laughs, Trophy Wife focusses on Kate, who marries Pete, and inherits his crazy family. There are many great moments to enjoy in the show, with no weak links in the cast (Albert Tsai as Bert is a particular delight), it continues to deliver laughs week in week out.  Fingers crossed for a season two!



3 – The Walking Dead (AMC (US)/FOXTV (UK))

Even though I’ve fallen out with what has quickly become AMCs flagship series, fans of The Walking Dead have continued to rave about the show’s fourth season up to the finale 2 weeks ago. Credit where it’s due, the showrunners appear to have turned the ship around since the disaster that was the midseason finale, so much so that our writers have chosen it as the 3rd best show to watch!


2 – Game Of Thrones (HBO (US)/Sky Atlantic (UK))

The undisputed king of TV dramas returned this week with yet another superb episode (it’s becoming the standard now really isn’t it?). We won’t spoil anything here but if you’re a fan and haven’t caught up yet, know that you won’t be disappointed. Plenty of characters to love and hate and the GoT trademark of surprising you with unforeseen deaths and mind blowing plot twists, mixed in with gratuitous nudity and spectacular violence (or gratuitous violence and spectacular nudity, you say tomato and all that…), what doesn’t Game Of Thrones bring to the table?!


We’re finally here! Our writers have voted and the number one show that you should be watching right now is……………


parks and recreation from Pawnee to Hollywood

1 – Parks & Recreation (NBC (US)/Netflix (UK) *Seasons 1-5*)

Yes Parks & Rec lands the #1 spot for the first ever TVFR Power Rankings. The smash hit NBC sitcom feels like it’s going from strength to strength every year and this one is no exception. Laugh out loud comedy from the writers of SNL, King Of The Hill, The Office and the aforementioned Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a family tree that nobody can really argue with (well, some could I guess). The show has been a launch platform for Hollywood golden boy and girl Chris Pratt and Rashida Jones, as well as showcasing the talent of a now all-star cast that includes TV veterens Nick Offerman and Rob Lowe and comedy headliners Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari. Can you really argue with our selection for Parks & Recreation as our #1 show this week?


What do you think, did we make the right decision? Let us know what you thought in the comments below and hit us up on Twitter with your top 5 episodes of the week if you want to get involved in the vote for next weeks Power Rankings, just use #TVFRPowerRankings.

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  1. Two things:

    1. How is Arrow too teen drama-y? Are we watching the same show?

    2. Justified season 5 is probably the shows second to weakest in my opinion. This season’s big bad never really materialized into another other than a sideshow until the finale, where as previous seasons have had more cohesive storytelling with stronger characters week to week. Still, a better season than the overwhelming majority of other shows. Bring on season 6!

    • Arrow is definitely teen-drama-y, it is a CW show after all. There’s nothing wrong with that, Smallville got 10 seasons out of the same style and introduced a whole new audience to the quality comic book genre of tv series’

      Oh we’ll have to agree to disagree on Justified, this seasons set pieces have been some of the best (I was yelling at my screen with the Mr Picker scene from a few weeks ago) and it’s brought Boyd back around to being the bad guy since his transition into anti-hero in the last couple of years. The Crowe boys have been a good addition too and feel a lot more sinister than the plod along side-villains of the past.

      • Except Smallvile and Arrow are wholly different shows, with casts that are over 10 years apart age wise. The only over the top drama thing I can think of about Arrow, in regard to the teen stuff, is the Thea/Roy relationship, which is inherently a side story and a barely used one at that. Saying it’s teen drama-y as a summary doesn’t do any of the rest of the show justice.

        The other drama stuff, like with Laurel, is much more real-world or superhero drama in nature. Their depiction of her alcoholism and drug use was actually very well done and didn’t drag on forever. That said, I think Arrow would really benefit from a strict 20 episode order each year to cut momentum draining filler, but most shows could use that as well.

        Now if they could just consistently shore up the dialogue it’d be one of the best shows on TV for me. The way they make the characters talk doesn’t work sometimes and really drags moments down.

        Now with Justified, saying it’s a weaker season is by no means an insult. It was still great TV, just that the Crowes weren’t as engaging bad guys as Quarles from season 3 or the Bennets from season 2. Plus, it took a whole season to get Ava to be a CI? That drug on way too long. But I loved how the season ended.

        • Nah it (Arrow) definitely still has that feel to it, it’s certainly not a gritty drama like the AMC/HBO stuff and it’s not really family drama like NBC/ABC series tend to be, teen drama is definitely the right fit for it, albeit there’s not as much scandal or as many love triangles as I’d like…

          Meeeh see I like the Crowes better than the Bennetts as out and out bad guys. Mags was a superb character but I don’t think they were anywhere near as villainous as Darryl and Danny are/were. Quarless was great though, that actor is just perfect as any antagonist plus he had his wee signature Assassins Creed gun. I think we can all agree that he and Boyd have been the best baddies in the series. (p.s: Haven’t seen the season finale yet so no spoilers :P)

          • I just can’t see the ‘teen drama’ label with Arrow. The lead character is 30 for crying out loud. It’s by far more superhero drama than teen drama, which you all but say given the only real love triangle resulted in the creation of a supervillain, another guy getting his arm chopped off and the lead character getting tortured. I’ll give you some of the teen dram overtones in season 1 before DC took a more hands on approach by putting some comic book writers in the room on a consistent basis for the back half of the show. The things you’re talking about happened in comic books long before they did in teen dramas. Plus, teen drama has a very negative connotation for good reason. It’s usually horribly written and acted, two things that don’t fit Arrow at all.

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