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Bitten S01E13 – “Ready”

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As a big fan of the book this series is based on, to call this show a colossal disappointment is somewhat of an understatement. In this week’s season finale of Bitten, entitled ‘Ready’, a majority of that disappointment holds strong. Despite some quality fight scenes, a decidedly nice choice of music, and some decent cinematography, I hold steadfast to my opinion that this series isn’t as good as it good have been.

Close to ten years ago, when I first discovered the Women of the Otherworld series, I was fascinated by the complexities of the world that had been created. Werewolves, witches, vampires, ghosts, half-demons, necromancers – all of these things existed in this intricate world that completely enveloped. While I did read the third and fourth book first, when I finally got around to reading the first novel ‘Bitten’, I was enraptured by Elena and her life as a werewolf, and just how it came to be. There was so much detail that it took me on a ride that I have enjoyed to this day.

For years I hoped beyond hope for a movie to be made, so that I could enjoy all of the books as they were made. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until last year that the first novel’s rights were purchased and the process of being made into a television series was realized. Such a fantastical world, even for just the first book, and yet the magic of it was never quite accomplished. Sure, as the season went on, it got slowly better than where it started off, but it never quite managed a creative success like it could have.

Overall, the season finale definitely had its moments. I really enjoyed watched Elena’s fights – Laura Vandervoort certainly picked up some nifty skills in that department – and the way it ended was unquestionably something of a thrill, but it was nowhere near as good as it could have been. Perhaps I’m putting too much weight in comparing it to the book, or even expecting too much out of it all together, but legions of Harry Potter fans compare the differences between book to movie translations, so why can’t I compare this series to its source material?

Rachel being in constant danger, and being kidnapped not once, but twice, grew rather tedious. And the fact that they were trying to mess with the rules of the pack life when they are there for a reason – this isn’t Mystic Falls! – irked me to no end. Also, the mutts using weapons to fight – the ones other than the serial killers recently turned – was implausible to me, and showed that they had no honour as werewolves. And the lighting got in the way of a lot of shots. Oh, and the fact that they blamed Jeremy for Clay biting Elena was completely ridiculous.

On the other hand, I did like Nick. I’m pretty sure he’s been the steadfast reason to keep my watching this series, as he seems to be the most like his book character. Although, I doubt he’ll be reason enough to come back next season. So, it was nice knowing you Bitten, but bringing back Malcolm – even though I knew he was Malcolm the moment they introduced him – just to have a big bad because you can’t be using the other books as source material was a little too much for me. Thanks for trying, but it wasn’t enough.

Best Line:

“Hope is for high school girls whose crush sits in hospital cancer wards.” – Malcolm retorts.

Miranda Valenti@EmmeElleVee

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  1. love the show because of its difference from all the other blood thirsty fullmoon going on murder rampage type of werewolf shows.No need for constant violence in graphic detail and as far as you claiming the story line is not very good a lot of people think differently.

    • It isn’t that the storyline isn’t good so much as it strays too much from the book the series is based off of, which managed quite well to have a richly developed story.

      Other people have every right to think differently, just as I have my right to feel inherently disappointed in this dismal interpretation.

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