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Best TV Vampires

Vampires are my favourite supernatural beings because they’re frozen in time, natural predators, and usually exhibit some sort of superpower. The vampires on TV are often portrayed as complicated characters—some seek redemption whilst others revel in their immortality and immorality. They’re dark and mysterious and unbelievably good looking. 2013 may have been the year of the witches but vampires are still a big deal. Here is a list of the best TV vampires of the past and present.

Spike-Buffy the Vampire Slayer (James Marsters)


With his bleached blond hair, swagger and British accent, Spike was the quintessential bad boy and I loved him for it. Always armed with quips, Spike was not only funny but could be downright scary. He was a proud killer of two vampire slayers and that’s why it was so good when he realised that he was in love with Buffy. Spike became an unlikely part of the Scooby gang and eventually saved the world by closing the Hellmouth after sacrificing himself. People may argue that Angel was the better vampire but it will always be Spike for me.

Eric Northman- True Blood (Alexander Skarsgard)


Eric Northman is far more superior to Bill Compton. He’s older, more powerful, and just cooler. He can be menacing but also has a dry sense of humour. Eric has little regard for human life but we see that he is very loyal to those he is close to. I love his bond with Pam and his devotion to Godric, his maker. Although the relationship between Eric and Sookie was hotter in the books, I do enjoy the way they interact with each other. It appears that Eric died naked and alone in the Scandinavian snow, but it has been confirmed that Eric will be back for the final season. True Blood needs Eric Northman or else the whole show will suck.

Katherine Petrova- The Vampire Diaries (Nina Dobrev)


Elena Gilbert, also played by Nina Dobrev, is not an awesome vampire, however, Katherine Petrova is. She’s tough, conniving, wears killer heels, and delivers some of the best lines. She’s become a more fleshed out character and not just the bad girl who came between the Salvatore brothers. I like that we saw a touch of humanity when she was reunited with her daughter, Nadia. With Katherine now human after Elena force fed her the cure, Katherine’s chances of survival look dim. I really hope that she sticks around because she’s grown into one of my favourite characters. She still has plenty of bad in her to cause more havoc.

John Mitchell – Being Human (Aidan Turner)

john m

Mitchell was a cool, laid back character who felt guilt for what he’s done as a vampire and attempts to abstain from human blood. He moves into a house with his friend, George who is a werewolf and discovers that the house is haunted by Annie, a ghost. The three of them then attempt to “be human.” I love his relationships with George and Annie. Like the rest of the vamps in this list, Mitchell has a great sense of humour. Even though I enjoyed seeing Mitchell trying to hold onto his humanity, I really liked the darker side to Mitchell and knowing that it could come out at any moment. Mitchell was killed off too early for my liking but at least I get to see him now as dwarf in The Hobbit movies.

Pam De Beaufort-True Blood (Kristen Bauer Van Straten)


In times when True Blood is at its most dreadful, Pam is a beacon of light. She has gone from a one-dimensional character with a sharp tongue to a character with emotional depth. Pam is a no-nonsense vampire with great fashion sense who has little patience when it comes to humans. She’s at her best when she’s disapproving of Sookie and colliding with the other humans in Bon Temps. Like her maker, Eric, she is very loyal and protective of those she cares about. At the end of Season Six, we saw Pam fly away (which I didn’t realise she could do too) so I wonder what part she’ll play in the final season.

Russell Edgington- True Blood (Denis O’Hare)


Russell Edgington was delightfully evil. He stole every scene he was in and like Pam, had some of the best lines. I was thrilled when he was brought back in Season Five after being a main character in Season Three. Russell was a three thousand year vampire, possibly the oldest but we saw him more as the King of Mississippi and an enemy of the American Vampire League. He was downright crazy especially when he went on live television and ripped the heart out of the news reporter. Part of Russell’s charm was that he could be very polite but we knew what kind of maniac was hidden beneath the façade.

Damon Salvatore- The Vampire Diaries (Ian Somerhalder)


I read The Vampire Diaries books before the TV show was made and Damon was always my favourite. When I heard that Ian Somerhalder was cast as Stefan’s morally devoid brother, I thought that it was the wrong decision. Somerhalder just seemed too pretty to play Damon but thankfully, I was wrong. I love that Somerhalder’s Damon can be sweet and devious, vulnerable, quick witted, and overtly confident. His eyes show a lot of emotion and well, I can’t really complain about Somerhalder’s looks. My love for Damon was enhanced through his friendships with Alaric and Jeremy. As much as I like Stefan, Damon will always be the Salvatore I’m rooting for.

Elijah Mikaelson- The Originals (Daniel Gillies)









When Elijah first appeared on The Vampire Diaries in Season Two of The Vampire Diaries, I thought that he was going to be the Big Bad…and then we met his brother, Klaus. Even though Elijah is the tender-hearted, impeccably dressed brother who is always trying to be a conscience to his siblings, we do get to see some ruthlessness from him in The Originals. Elijah will do anything for his family and that sometimes includes ripping heads off vampires and killing witches. I’m so happy that Elijah made it to The Originals because on The Vampire Diaries, he spent too much time locked away in a casket.

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  1. I agree w/ all of them except that Vampire Diaries show and I have never seen the originals as its offshoot of Vampire Diaries but George from Blood Ties should be on there for sure

    • Wth?TVD and The Originals are the best!!!
      A lot are totally addicted to both of those shows,you know??
      Well, who wouldnt be??

  2. If you are going to explain the character of Russell Edgington, please! at least get what he did on tv correct, he ripped out the SPINE of the newcaster not heart….one of the coolest scenes on TB except season 6, Eric ripping Dr Overloch’s penis off and Bill Compton ripping off Truman’s head…

  3. Spike is the best!! so agree, He was unique,He loves Buffy with and without soul also he was funny, smart and romantic. He fought for his soul, to take this back, he wanted his soul for Buffy, Angel didnt. Spike is better than Angel. Angel was cursed. Is not comparation here. Spike all the way!

    • Spike is not ‘better’ than Angel. I’m 100% sure Spike would have never sought a soul had he not had a chip in his head. Circumstances made him fall for Buffy and I applaud him for getting a soul but you can’t say that he is better than Angel because of this.

  4. Well , spike is better than angel in my opinion but after spike there has to be angel . David boreanaz and mitchell and all of these actors really act . Damon salvatore is handsom and very very good looking but that’s it . He is even not a vampire cuz always his acting and tvd is all about love and beauty and no one looks for the real acting cuz damon distracts the audience with his look . Tvd has never been a vampire show . It is about love triangle , relationship , stupid mash-up names and bla bla bla… . It is a completely teen show and the main reason of this show and its actors is showing beauty . Not a real vampire story . Shows like buffy and the originals is suitable for all ages. All these shows except tvd are awesome as well as actors (except tiny vampire ian somerhalder)

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