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The Vampire Diaries S04 E22 ‘The Walking Dead’

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This week on The Vampire Diaries Bonnie attempts to drop the veil for a short period of time in order to talk to Qetsiyah, the witch who originally immobilized Silas for thousands of years. Bonnie does a spell that links her to Katharine so the vampire won’t disappear with Silas’ gravestone before she can complete the spell. Bonnie’s magic has in interesting effect on Mystic Falls—first there’s a near-hurricane windstorm, then all the power in the town goes out. Meanwhile, although Elena’s emotions are intact, she is focused on one single feeling: her murderous hatred of Katharine. Damon and Stefan try to distract Elena from her hatred with workouts and other missions, but Elena is so single-minded in her need to kill Katharine that nothing else matters. A lot happened in this week’s episode and a lot of familiar faces returned. The episode certainly lives up to its title: “The Walking Dead.”

I was very excited to see so many characters return this week. Although it’s out of the ordinary for a show to bring back the number of characters that The Vampire Diaries did this week, it’s sure to make many fans happy. Many people I suspected would come back did in fact return this week, as well as some others that I wasn’t quiet expecting. And they all brought some unfinished business with them, which was both heartwarming and exciting to see.

This episode focuses much more on Bonnie as she is gearing up to drop the veil. Her new partner in crime, Katharine, is also along for the ride. In this week’s episode, Bonnie comes face to face with Silas and they have their final showdown. To be honest, Silas has sort of been a one trick pony to me this season (although, given the promo for the season finale, I suspect he was more of a distraction from the real threat than the real big bad.) His run on the show seems to have come to an end, and it was rather anticlimactic. I hope the season finale next week will be able to salvage what’s left of the season.

Elsewhere in Mystic Falls, Elena has finally turned her emotions back on, but there is very little difference, at least at first glance. Since she can’t handle her grief for Jeremy, she is focusing on her hatred of Katharine, which isn’t a far cry from her hatred of everything that we’ve seen in the most recent episodes. However, I do think that this progression in Elena’s character is something new that we haven’t seen from her before, which makes it all the more interesting. I also like that the writers are distancing Elena from the Salvatore brothers. It’s much less of a love triangle because she’s focusing on herself, her new life as a vampire, and her family, or lack thereof. I’m excited to see how the events of this episode impacts her character.

One thing that made me uneasy about this episode, and this season in general is that I don’t really understand this concept of the veil. So a supernatural being is killed and goes to purgatory, which is only divided from reality with this so-called veil. Once purgatory is destroyed by dropping the veil, then supernatural beings go on to the same afterlife as human beings—at least this is what Silas wanted to achieve with taking the cure. But wouldn’t the cure have made him human—which is why the Salvatore brothers want it for Elena—and sent him to the same afterlife as his true love, completely negating the need to drop the veil? Another question I have: are the people coming back—Alaric, Bonnie’s Grams, Kol—human or are they more like corporeal ghosts?

Don’t get me wrong, I think bringing all these characters back from the dead all at once is really interesting and brings up a lot of unfinished storylines—such as Kol’s vendetta against Elena. However, I also think that the writers need to explain the mythology a little better in order to make the show more believable, or at least the most realistic as possible in a world of vampires, werewolves, doppelgangers, witches, and ghosts.

Next week on TVD, it’s finally graduation for the seniors in Mystic Falls. With plenty of vampire hunters in town for the occasion, it seems like everyone is going to be worrying more for their lives than their cap and gowns. Hunters from earlier this season are back, including the hunter from the island, Vaughn, as well as Connor Jordan who began teaching Jeremy about vampire hunting. They’re searching for the cure, and I suppose they still have their original mission to give it to Silas and kill him. The promo urges that they’re willing to kill anyone in town to get it. We’ll have to wait until the finale to see, but with so many characters coming back from the dead, are any of them in danger of dying for good?

Now that The Vampire Diaries is slated for a fifth season, I hope to see more of these returning characters. The vampire hunters seem the logical next step for Elena and company’s next foe but we’ll have to wait until after the finale before speculating and forming better theories.

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